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The Give Orphans a Smile Club is open to anyone, anywhere, who wishes to join. The process of becoming a member is very easy, beneficial, and it is FREE. To apply for membership, please email us the following information so that we can keep track of records and recognition.

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Members, please notify us at if you want your name deleted off the list, added on, or if you change your name, location, and email. We want to keep the list as updated and error-free as possible. Thank you.

Sophia Ngo – Houston, TX

Michelle Huynh – Westminster, CA

Crystal Hoang – US

Mariano – Argentina

Rosie Tran – Boston, MA, USA

Stan Nicolae – Romania

Anya – Norway

Hoa Hua – Manhattan, New York, USA

Philip Hearn – England

Aleksandra – Poland

Truong D. Lam – Brazil

Vincent Le – California, USA

Khoa Van – Brisbane, Australia

Ruth Young – United Kingdom

Christine Nguyen – Seattle, Washington, USA

Mr. & Mrs. Samine Tran – Pennslyvania, USA

Demian Garcia-Monroy – USA

Wan Chuah – Canada

Nadine M. Jett – California, USA

Cora Brown – San Antonio, Texas, USA

Bethany – Chicago, USA

BO209 – Pennsylvania, USA

Susan Bouligny – Louisiana, USA

Thai Phan – California, USA

Nhi - California, USA

Cathy – California, USA

Nha, Vy, Van, and Hoa – Nebraska, USA

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