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Some children are blessed with a family to provide them plenty of food, shelter, and love. But there are still many poor orphans out there with nothing.

This small non-profit club is dedicated to bringing a little happiness to the children at the Nha Tinh Thuong (House of Love) Huong Duong orphanage in Vietnam. We hope to receive enough support, so that every year, every single orphan will smile at the sight of holiday presents we give them. There is nothing more precious to children than a bundle of toys and sweets.

Brief description of the House of Love Huong Duong Orphans:

There are about 30 children at the orphanage. Their ages range from 4 through 18 years old. Four of the them are handicapped. The children are under care of Catholic priests, and 2 nuns from the Men Thanh Gia convent.

Orphanage address:

House of Love Huong Duong

10 Vo Thi Sau

Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam


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